Gleitschleifanlagen Avatec GmbH, Avatec GmbH Sindelfingen, Entgraten, Verrunden, Schleifen, Glätten, Polieren, Familienunternehmen, Gleitschleiftechnik

Mass finishing technology

Deburring - Rounding - Grinding - Smoothing - Polishing


Familienunternehmen mit Tradition & Leidenschaft, Gleitschleiftechnik, Avatec GmbH, Sindelfingen Avatec

Short communication channels

family business
with tradition and passion

We deliver functional and inexpensive mass finishing technology.

We meet your specific requirements with cost-effective processes, robust machines and few tools. We focus on easy-to-use and functional technology that enables constant processing results and perfect surfaces.  


As a family company in the 3rd generation, personal contact and good customer service are particularly important to us.

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