Separation Unit TEsepa Mini for TE 18

Product.Nr.: 18-001-00112 weight: 32.00 kg

equipped with

- robust frame rack made of welded square tube, stainless steel,
  prepared for the mounting on the Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

- separation in screen box run by an unbalanced motor
  screen box removable with 1 sieve (size per definition)
  adjustable vibration frequency of the screen box

- Electrical equipment in control box with
   digital display and rotary switch for controlling the speed of the unbalance motor
   on/off switch of separation
   main circuit breaker /emergency stop switch
Unbalanced motor 0.12 kVA, plug-in, frequency-controlled with adjustable oscillating masses

- Electrical connection: 230V; 50 Hz; 0.2 kVA, 10 A    

- Dimension: WxDxH  approx. 500 x 600 x 285 mm
- Weight:        approx. 20 kg
- Standards:   CE

- machine labeling English
- 1 instruction manual English
- 1 machine label English


Additional accessories:

- inserts for collecting containers for easier refilling