Separation unit TVsepa Mini for TV

Product.Nr.: TV-010-00180 weight: 100.00 kg

equipped with

- robust base made of welded square tube, painted,
  with adjustable vibration damping frame feet

- separation in screen box run by an unbalanced motor
  screen box removable with sieve (size per definition)
  adjustable vibration frequency and emptying angle of the screen box

- 1 collector for abrasives and
  1 collector for workpieces
  on wheeled frame, stainless steel with lockable rollers

Electrical equipment in control box with:

- on/off switches for processing flow
- emergency stop switch
- digital display and rotary switch for controlling the speed of the unbalance motor

Unbalanced motor 0.12 kVA, plug-in, frequency controlled with adjustable oscillating masses

Electrical connection:        230 V / 50 Hz, 0,2 kVA

- Width:         660 mm
- Depth:         780 mm
- Height:        920 mm
- Weight:      approx. 85 kg

Color base frame: grey

Standards:                         CE