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Updated: May 23, 2022

Mass finishing from A-Z

Additives are materials that are added to the mass finishing process to achieve a certain effect. Examples are:

  • To support abrasives or make them more rough again (e.g. resharpening with abrasive powder).

  • To remove small burrs or reach places that cannot be reached with abrasives (e.g. holes).

  • To achieve or enhance gloss (mirror effect9).

  • Prevent components from sticking to the machine wall.

  • To support the waste water treatment.

  • etc.

A distinction is always made between additives for dry and wet processes.

Anti adhesion balls

Prevent extremely flat and thin workpieces from sticking to each other and being packaged. Reduce adhesion to container walls of vibratory finishing machines.


Organic flocculant for assisting in the clarification of oil-contaminated waste water.


Silicone-containing and silicone-free defoamer for aqueous systems.

Good long-term effect in fully synthetic coolants as well as in emulsions without negative effect on emulsion stability or workpieces.

Polishing pastes for both wet and dry processing

For high-quality surfaces and corrosion protection in combination with

porcelain media in wet processes or granules/wood polishing media in dry processes.

Grinding pastes

Various grit sizes for fine grinding and smoothing of metals, plastics and

natural materials in combination with nut granules and wood polishing media in dry processes or in wet processes with abrasive media.

Adhesive-/shining oil

Use in conjunction with granules and polishing powders to bind the backing material or regrease with dry granules.

Grinding powder

For roughening already smoothed abrasives, increasing the grinding performance or grinding performance in areas that are difficult to access for abrasives.

Odour binder

Odour-binding agent for the elimination of rottenness odours or also usable

as a solvent-based cleaner for the removal of oil, dirt or other residues from

residues in water circuits during mass finishing.

Circuit cleaner

Cleaning agent for water circuits for the treatment and control of microorganisms.

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