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Mass finishing from A-Z

Which control systems does Avatec offer?

There are 2 control and operating concepts for our mass finishing systems: BASE and EXPERT.

BASE is the robust standard model with easy-to-operate switching elements: start/stop function, main switch (emergency stop), dosing pump control, timer and speed adjustment. The flexible concept allows separations to be coupled, level sensors to be connected and wastewater treatment systems (e.g. centrifuges, lifting stations or similar) to be linked as required. Care was taken to integrate the control cabinet and the cabling into the machine design in a space-saving and structured manner. The low-maintenance BASE control system is available for all standard models of our machines.

Control panel, electric, mass finishing, trough vibrator, Tellerfliehkraft
Control BASE mass finishing system

Advantages at a glance:

  • clearly arranged control panel

  • easy setting of parameters

  • flexible and combinable

  • low-maintenance

  • robust

  • space-saving


For automatic mass finishing systems, the EXPERT with a programmable logic controller is the right choice. The so-called PLC can be found in our TE 60 NR and TE 60 NA machines.

Complex machining processes can be controlled with the PLC. A significant advantage is the storage of workpiece-specific programme sequences, which are programmed and visualised via the touch panel.

The EXPERT control is also available for our standard models.

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*"A PLC is a digitally operating electronic system for use in industrial environments with a programmable memory for internal storage of user-oriented control instructions to implement specific functions such as logic control, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic functions to control various types of machines and processes through digital or analogue input and output signals".

(EN 61131, Part 1)

No liability is assumed for the correctness and completeness.


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