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Mass finishing from A-Z

Wear (abrasion) is the loss of mass (surface erosion) due to abrasive, rolling or thermal stress. The combination of hardness and strength of a material plays a major role in wear. In order to keep wear on the machines as low as possible and to create a long service life, we use an extremely durable PU for the working containers of our machines.

Wear is one of the main reasons for the failure of machines and equipment. Especially in the field of mass finishing, process-related wear inevitably occurs despite the use of high-quality materials. AVAtec mass finishing machines have only a few parts that are subject to wear.

A few examples

Wear part

TE Machines

TV/W Machines







PU-layer working container


Drain sieves


How do you recognise wear?

Wear is either visible or measurable. Examples of visible wear are rounded edges up to complete material removal of a part.

Tellerfliehkraftanlagen, Gleitschleifen, Verschleiß
Disc of a disc centrifugal unit shortly before complete wear

Tellerfliehkraft, Verschleiß, Gleitschleifen
Ring of a disc centrifugal unit shortly before complete wear

Measurable wear can be detected, for example, with a dial gauge on the concentricity of the disc of our centrifugal disc machines. The bad value here is > 0.06. Wear can also be measured at the annular gap between the disc and the wear ring.

Good care and maintenance can extend the service life of these components, as, for example, regular removal of abrasive residues in functional areas reduces their wear. Depending on the degree of use, we therefore recommend flushing and cleaning the machines at intervals.

Avatec-Tipp: Flushing at the end of each shift increases the service life of the hoses and the wear parts.

For daily cleaning and maintenance we recommend:

  • Machine check for unusual noises and imbalance.

  • Checking the ring gap between the disc and the wear ring

  • Checking the function of the switching elements and the tight fit of screwed components

  • Checking the water lines and connections for function and tightness

  • Flushing and, if necessary, cleaning of the working tank and the waste water hoses.

In our instruction module "Care and Maintenance" you will find, in addition to the overview for daily work, an overview for maintenance work after 1,000 operating hours and after 3,000 operating hours as well as an overview for a general inspection after 15,000 operating hours.

We usually have wear and spare parts in stock. Fast shipping and good service are part of our quality service! Order now via

AVAtec-Tipp: Did you know that we also offer maintenance contracts for our machines? This means that your machines are well looked after.

If you are interested, please contact us at +49 711 68700760 or

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