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Why lifting stations?

Water plays an essential role in vibratory finishing. Thus, in all wet processes, compound with water is used as the process liquid both for cleaning the components and grinding wheels and in disc centrifugal systems for cooling. The discharge height of the process water from the vibratory finishing system is usually approx. 0.5m above the floor due to the design. For small systems, it is sufficient to introduce the process water into a cascade.

Larger or multiple vibratory finishing systems require process water quantities that necessitate treatment by means of a cleaning centrifuge. Lifting stations on the plant side collect the process water coming from the vibratory finishing systems and pump it to the cleaning centrifuge.

What has to be considered for a lifting station?

The containers of the lifting stations are made of stainless steel or chemically resistant plastic so that no corrosion can occur.

The process water flow from the vibratory finishing system is contaminated with abrasive particles, chips and residual dirt from the components. These particles quickly settle to the bottom of the lifting station tank. Constant agitation of the process water in the lifting station tank can often reduce, but not eliminate, sedimentation at the bottom. Thus, there should be good accessibility into the tank for regular emptying and cleaning of the lifting station.

In addition, it is possible to equip the inlet of the lifting station with a collection sieve and integrated filter fleece insert for pre-filtration of the coarse particles and sludge residues.

To ensure that abrasive particles and chips up to 2 mm³ do not cause any problems, only robust compressed air diaphragm pumps are used here.

Due to the high dirt load in the process water flow, the sensor system for level detection in the tank must also be designed without mechanics.

Other areas of use for lifting stations

Lifting stations can also be used if there is an in-house collection system or if the wastewater is to be pumped directly into IBCs or collection containers for disposal. In this case, they are convincing due to their uncomplicated adaptation to already existing vibratory grinding systems.


Our lifting stations are robust and have a good price-performance ratio to a standard AVAtec vibratory finishing system. The cost factor depends on the size and the equipment features.

No liability is assumed for the correctness and completeness.

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