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K wie Kaskade (Cascade)

For reasons of sustainability, the process water required for vibratory finishing is treated with cleaning centrifuges and even vacuum evaporators. This saves water, compound and disposal costs. The installation and maintenance of such systems are very expensive and therefore not economical for small quantities of process water.

Avatec has therefore developed cascades for small consumption quantities of up to 100 litres per hour, which, through targeted filtration and sedimentation, treat the process liquid in such a way that an economical circulation is possible.

Treatment of the process liquid

The waste water is fed via an inlet onto a quick-change filter insert, which already separates approx. 50% of the particles. In the subsequent cascading of the process liquid, the particles sediment to such an extent that the residual proportion in the receiving tank for reuse in the process is usually less than 5%. This load is tolerable for many grinding processes. An additional suction filter with a non-return valve in the feed tank protects the supply pump of the vibratory finishing system.

Filling and maintenance

After filling with water and adding recyclable compound, the cascade tank is covered with a transparent lid. The cascade tank can be easily disconnected for maintenance using the quick-release couplings on the waste water inlet and the suction connection for the supply pump of the vibratory finishing system. As the cascade tank stands on lockable castors, maintenance can also be carried out easily at other locations.

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