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M for sample processing (Musterbearbeitung)

For each workpiece, the question arises as to the optimum machining process to achieve the desired surface or deburring. To offer our customers and interested parties a decision-making aid, we carry out sample machining in our technical centre with the aim of determining the most suitable process for finishing the workpieces. The large number of available abrasives and compounds in our technical centre enable us to define well adapted processes. We are also able to use modern measuring instruments that provide us with information about the surface quality, deburring or edge rounding that has been achieved. A final protocol documents for the customer the individual processing steps of the application with all process parameters, grinding and polishing media and compounds.

Through targeted sample processing, the necessary system technology, the subsequent process control and the investment required for customer-specific applications can thus be determined in advance with a high degree of certainty.

Production-related sample processing in the presence of the customer is a good opportunity to experience the finish for yourself and to assess the results live.

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