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O for On Top - Our accessories

Basically, the basic versions of the vibratory finishing systems from AVAtec are sufficient to carry out a process for deburring and/or polishing workpieces.

However, accessories can support the worker during process machining, significantly simplify the process machining itself or simply make machining more cost-effective.

For example, the use of sound-insulating bonnets or container covers create a better working environment for the worker. The combination of table machine, grinding wheel supply and process water on a mobile trolley offers a flexible stand-alone solution for production.

Motorised emptying of the working containers on 18 or 30-litre centrifugal disc machines makes it easier for the operator to unload the machine and helps with dosing onto the screen surface for accelerated separation.

Automated separations with motor-driven screens ensure faster separation of the workpieces and, by screening out the undersize media, less manual work when loosening jammed small abrasive particles.

For very flat workpieces that stick to the container walls, AVAtec has developed a ring for the disc-type centrifugal machines that wipes the workpieces off at the upper edge and keeps them in the process.

The use of cascades in the process water circuit helps to reduce the use of compound, which is good for both the environment and costs.

Overall, these accessories and options provide opportunities to improve the efficiency, safety and environmental performance of the deburring and polishing process in manufacturing with AVAtec vibratory finishing equipment.

Picture: noise protection

Picture: mobile trolley

Picture: wiper ring

Picture: cover for dry machines

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