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Q for qualified advice

Good advice on the subject of mass finishing is always necessary if the (future) user has had little experience with this technology.

Mass finishing is not just - buy a pot, put in the stones, put in the parts and off you go.

Vibratory finishing may not be the most difficult technology to use, but it does require individual adjustments to the parameters based on the workpiece specifications and the existing conditions.

The basic condition here is the correct selection of machine and process media (abrasive media, granulates, compound, additives) for processing the surface.

We offer the option of sample processing in our technical centre. If there are no series parts, but many different individual parts or small series, we try to develop valid processes for the representative parts in the sample processing and then apply these to similar workpieces.

Our many years of experience in the design of mass finishing processes will help you to develop the optimum process for your workpieces.


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