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Avatec Verfahrensmittel, Wahl Verfahrensmittel, Qualität und Form Verfahrensmittel, Avatec Werkstücke, Schleifkörper, Polierkörper


The choice of the process medium in terms of quality and shape is the key to the optimal finish in the interaction of workpiece and machine. A large number of grinding and polishing media as well as granulates, compounds and additives are available for your process developement.


Here you will find an overview of our range. You are welcome to look around our shop for a suitable product or send us an inquiry directly. We would like to point out that our shop only shows a small part of the entire range!

keramische Schleif- und Polierkörper, Keramik Werkstücke, Verfahrensmittel Keramik, Avatec GmbH


Vitrified bonded grinding and polishing media are characterized by hardness of 7.3 - 8.5 Mohs and densities of 2.37 - 3.51 g / cm³. This results in a great sanding performance with high sanding pressure. Light and shiny surfaces are typical. Ceramic grinding and polishing media have a long service life and retain their original shape when in use.

Verfahrensmittel Granulate, Avatec Granulate, Nussschalengranulate, Granulate für Polier- und Schleifpasten, Granulate zum Trockenpolieren, Keramikgranulate, Edelkorund


Nutshell granules are used as a carrier medium for polishing and grinding pastes for dry polishing and grinding. A distinction is made here between unimpregnated and, depending on their application, impregnated with pastes, which have to be sharpened regularly.

For the correct polishing or sanding pressure, there is a wide range of grain sizes that can be used for your application.

Corn meal is used in different versions, especially for drying.

Ceramic granules and high-grade corundum can be used as a grinding additive or as a single ingredient in special processes.

Additive Schleifprozess, Gleitschleiftechnik Avatec GmbH, Polier- und Schliefprozesse, Trockenpolieren Werkstücke


In dry polishing and grinding processes, additives such as pastes and adhesive oils are used to re-dose the proportion of polishing and grinding particles ("re-sharpening") and bind grinding, dust and dirt particles ("re-greasing").

Kunststoff Werkstücke, Entgraten und Verrunden Kunststoff, Schleifen Kunststoff, Glätten und Polieren


Grinding and polishing media bonded in plastic have low densities of 1.61 - 1.89 g / cm³ and, thanks to their differently selectable grinding effect, are the best choice for gentle and splinter-free processing with high demands on the surface quality of non-ferrous metals or soft surfaces.

Compound, Gleitschleifprozess, Schleifkörper, Werkstücke Avatec, Familienunternehmen Avatec GmbH


Compounds absorb the abrasion of the grinding media and the abrasion of the workpieces that occur during the vibratory grinding process with water and help to transport them away. Through additives in the compound, cleaning, brightening and passivation of the workpieces is associated with this.

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