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Environmentally conscious wastewater solutions - what makes sense?

Sustainability is an important topic. In vibratory finishing, one of the main operating materials is water. As this is a finite resource, we attach importance to the most sustainable treatment solutions possible.


Advantage: solution for smaller quantities, medium service life, very good price-performance ratio.

Disadvantage: manual cleaning, comparatively tighter change interval

Abwasser Management mit Zentrifugen
Zentrifuge AWZ-100


Advantage: high throughput and treatment capacity, connection of several systems possible, few change intervals.

Disadvantage: close-meshed maintenance, higher cost factor

Lifting stations UP:

STand alone Abwassermanagement mit Hebestation
Hebestation UP 01

Advantage: double filter function (pre-filtering before feeding into wastewater concept), robust pump technology.

Disadvantage: can only be optimally used in connection with a centrifuge or cascade, otherwise the UP only serves as a pre-filter and conveying station to IBC containers or wastewater collection basins.

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